Elektromobilität: Wallbox-Besitzer sind zufriedener

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Interessante Studie zum Thema Wallboxen: Elektroauto-Fahrer mit einer eigenen Wallbox zuhause sind zufriedener!

JD Power set out to measure EV owners’ satisfaction in three charging segments:

Level 1 portable chargers
Level 2 portable chargers
Level 2 permanently mounted chargers

Customer satisfaction was then measured using eight factors:

Fairness of the cost of the unit
The cable length
The physical size of the charger
The ease of storing the cable
The cost of charging
The charging speed
The ease of use
Unit reliability
The study found that overall satisfaction is highest among EV owners that have a permanent Level 2 charger (749 points out of 1,000). Coming in a close second are owners who use a portable Level 2 charger (741 points). Not surprisingly, ownership satisfaction is the lowest among EV owners who trickle-charge on a Level 1 charging source, scoring just 574 points out of 1,000.

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Quelle: insideevs.com