Elektromobilität: Was braucht es zur Akzeptanz der Elektromobilität?

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Sehr interessante Studie aus den USA von Castrol, wie die Akzeptanz der Elektromobilität in den verschiedenen Ländern zu erreichen ist.

Interestingly, these demands are not uniform. In India, for example, cars would have to cost $31,000, but customers would be happy with a lower range (401 km, or 249 mi) and with a longer charging time (35 minutes). British consumers want them to cost even less: $30,000.

The most impatient clients are the French, who wish to spend only 27 minutes charging. The Americans are the ones who demand more range, but the Norwegians are not far behind: they need 507 km (315 mi) of minimum range. Japanese buyers are the ones willing to pay more on EVs: $43,000.

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Quelle: insideevs.com