Elektromobilität: Was ist Vehicle To Grid (V2G)?

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Wie funktioniert Vehicle to Grid? Schauen wir uns an!

Vehicle to Grid technology, also referred to as 'V2G', enables energy stored in electric vehicles to be fed back into the national electricity network, otherwise known as the grid, to help supply energy at times of peak demand.

It’s considered a real game-changer in the electric vehicle space, because this two-way transfer not only encourages a more active way of consuming energy, it could open up new income streams for drivers, fleet operators and even vehicle manufacturers.

The reason it works is because of the inherently low utilization rate of private vehicles. We may drive our electric car to and from work, or collect the kids from school, but for most of the time, this big battery on wheels is an asset just sitting there… on the street or on your driveway.


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Quelle: insideevs.com