Elektromobilität: Welcher Hersteller stellt wann um?

Sehr interessante Infografik hier zu dem Umstellplänen der Automobilhersteller auf Elektromobilität. Insgesamt ein recht interessanter Artikel, der sich auch kritisch mit dem Thema befasst.

Once upon a time, it was only Elon Musk making shoot-for-the-stars statements about the glittering future of electric cars. Now, even the most sober of his rivals are getting in on the act.

It's not just China that's changing fast. One in four Daimler AG cars sold in 2025 will be electric, according to the company's research chief Ola Kallenius, and by 2030, the same will apply to two-thirds of Honda Motor Co. vehicles. Even Toyota Motor Corp., which for many years has favored hybrids and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles over battery-electric models, will release 10 purely electric cars by the early 2020s and plans to have such models account for 50 percent of deliveries by 2030, the company said Monday.

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Quelle: www.bloomberg.com