Elektromobilität: Wissen über Elektromobilität entscheidend für Kaufentscheidung

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Die Aufklärung über Elektromobilität trägt massiv zur Kaufentscheidung bei. Spannende Studie!

A Pew Research Center survey of more than 13,700 adults in the US conducted in April 2021 found that, overall, 39% of those surveyed were very or somewhat likely to consider purchasing an EV, while 46% were not at all likely to consider an EV, and another 14% had no plans to purchase a vehicle.

Breaking those numbers down by how much people had heard about EVs reveals that more knowledge of EVs translates into greater consideration of EVs. Of those who reported knowing nothing about EVs, only 13% would consider purchasing one. Those who had heard a little about EVs were more than twice as likely to consider purchasing an EV as those who had heard nothing. Those who had heard a lot about EVs were the most likely to consider purchasing one.

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Quelle: cleantechnica.com