Elektromobilität: Strategie-Interview mit Oliver Blume, CEO Porsche

Interessantes Interview mit Porsche's CEO Oliver Blume über die Elektro-Strategie von Porsche.

In 2019, the Mission E will roll off the assembly line in Zuffenhausen. You intend this battery only vehicle to be not only the first emission-free Porsche, but also one produced with an entirely CO2-neutral footprint.
And we’ll achieve that goal, too. Well over a year ago, we switched all our plants to 100% natural electricity sources, which underlines how seriously we take sustainability. The Mission E will not only redefine the high-performance e-vehicle segment, it will also give a boost to Germany as a technology producer and thus to possibilities offered by electromobility in general. The vehicle will be a trailblazer for the mass appeal of e-vehicles. It will set standards and will represent motion in more than one sense. The only things that the Mission E will not offer are boredom and forbearance.
Porsche as the pacesetter of a new automobile era?
Why not? Porsche invented the hybrid drive. And, over the last three years, we have dominated the Endurance World Championship from a technological standpoint like no other brand ever before, thanks to our hybrid and battery technology and our visions of downsizing and increased efficiency. Take, for example, our 19th overall victory in Le Mans. Mediocrity doesn’t win the race. Top performance and pushing the boundaries are what is needed to unleash forces and captivate others.

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Quelle: newsroom.porsche.com