Fahrzeugdaten: Können Hersteller hierauf Geschäftsmodelle entwickeln?

Sehr interessanter Artikel hier (auf Englisch) über die verschiedenen Datentypen, die im Fahrzeug anfallen und wie Fahrzeughersteller sich diese nutzbar machen können.

The connected car of today generates data from at least 200 different sensors within the vehicle and can profile everything from your location to driving habits. It can also monitor the use of vehicle features such as the temperature in your car and the weather in your surroundings.

A recently completed Frost & Sullivan report on “Data Monetization in Cars”, focusing on pricing and business models, indicates that if all the connected vehicles with the ability to capture certain data types were monetized, the overall opportunity would amount to ~$33 billion by 2025. This is huge, given that vehicle manufacturers are still evaluating use cases and data business models with an ecosystem of diverse skill sets.

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Quelle: www.forbes.com