Fahrzeugdaten: Warum man diese teilen sollte!

Interessante Übersicht hier über die Gründe warum man seine Fahrzeugdaten teilen sollte! Automobilhersteller aufgepasst: Potential für neue Geschäftsmodelle.

Sharing vehicle data with such parties can improve the driving experience, increase comfort for the driver, optimise products, and contribute to societal goals such as improving road safety and reducing fuel consumption.

Here are some examples of how vehicle-generated data can be used to your benefit:

  • To advise you on the easiest and safest routes, avoiding traffic jams and road hazards;
  • To provide ‘smart parking’ information;
  • To contact emergency services in case of an accident;
  • To ‘predict’ when your vehicle will need maintenance or repair to avoid break-downs;
  • To automatically pay for parking or tolls;
  • To enable insurance companies to offer you tailored, or even lower, premiums (for example based on distance travelled, driving style and itineraries);
  • To provide relevant local information instantly;
  • To provide tailored entertainment and other services;
  • To provide access to music, social media channels, e-mails, etc – making the car an extension of your office or home.

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Quelle: cardatafacts.eu