Fahrzeugdaten: Was kommt auf die Hersteller zu?

Interessanter Einblick hier in BMW CarData und was darauf basierend wohl auf alle Fahrzeughersteller zukommt.

Today, the datasets involved in this first version of the CarData platform include:

  • Status data: 63 attributes including battery voltage, error messages, maintenance reminders, coolant temperature, fluids level, fuel level, mileage, position, door status, etc.
  • Usage data: 14 attributes  including trip distance, charging status, fuel consumption, etc.
  • Driving events: 2 attributes, eCall &  bCall events

Frequency and latency are still being discussed but the price has been capped by BMW to 5€/month/vehicle depending on datasets required and number of vehicles involved. This business model is clearly competing with aftermarket telematics solution and allows 3rd parties to get rid of the hardware and focus on service delivery.

However, partners like insurers, rental companies, leasers, fleets or repairers will have to deal with the complexity of connecting with different OEMs’ platforms and data formats and may loose control over data quality, which might cost them more than an aftermarket device.

Finally, it is interesting to see that BMW is willing to share its vehicle diagnostics data with independent repairers or part resellers and emphasis now more on  the data business rather than on after-sales revenues for its dealer network.

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Quelle: www.ptolemus.com