Geschäftsmodell: Abomodelle für Functions-On-Demand


Bisher denkt man bei Auto-Abo immer an den Besitz des Fahrzeugs, vielleicht liegt die Zukunft des Abos aber bei Feature-On-Demand? Interessanter Artikel dazu!

Tzuo, who has written a book about subscription models and says his company provides the commerce platform behind two million connected cars, says consumers will get used to subscribing to options in cars the same way they have gotten used to subscribing to streaming video and gaming services.

“The idea you have to own things really doesn’t make sense in the age of cloud computing and connected devices,” he says. “We don’t want to have to deal with the hassles of ownership.”

Companies like subscriptions too, largely because they provide regular revenue even after a product is sold, says Jeff Chamberlain, a senior research director at Gartner who studies subscriptions and software. Although a monthly subscription may have a lower upfront cost, it makes for steadier income two, three, or four years out. “Now you get an increase because you’re getting the benefit of all those annuities starting to add up over the years,” he told CR. That steady stream of income can help companies weather downturns, and explains why subscription-based companies have been more resilient during COVID-19, he says.

In addition to that revenue, automakers also will be able to market options after a car has left the lot, or even try to upsell a second or third owner years after a car was first sold. And as new options roll out, carmakers will find new ways to make money off existing owners, says Chamberlain. “There’s a multiplying effect of the price increases,” he told CR.

A subscription’s lower upfront cost also makes it easier for car companies to make a sale, which Tzuo says is by design.

“Now you’ve got this recurring relationship—you’re paying $30 a month for heated seats. Why not add another $10 and we’ll give you Pandora? Why not add another $5 and we’ll give you a toll transponder?” he says. “The psychological barrier just drops significantly.”

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