Geschäftsmodell: Autos zum Selbstkostenpreis, Profit über Software


Der CEO von NVIDIA, Jensen Huang, geht davon aus, dass Autos von Volumenherstellern in einigen Jahren zum Selbstkostenpreis verkauft werden und der Profit über die Softwareeinnahmen kommt.

How will that change the traditional automotive business model?
One of the most important things customers will value is the ever-progressing, ever-developing, ever-enhancing software. Since customers have the potential to be delighted by new software for as long as they own the car, the business model will fundamentally change. It is very likely that many car companies will sell cars at near cost and largely deliver the benefits to you through the software that you subscribe to or that you buy on a regular basis. When that happens and the car becomes software defined it will be imperative for the automotive industry to become excellent at software.Why?
Because that’s the only way to capture value again. We have seen this in many other industries and it is very likely we will see this in the automotive industry.

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