Geschäftsmodell: Avis schließt Partnerschaft mit otonomo


Sehr interessante Partnerschaft zwischen AVIS und otonomo zur „Monetarisierung“ von Daten.

Otonomo’s Automotive Data Services Platform will help Avis gain new insights from its connected cars, which span a diverse range of makes, models and telematics technologies. Avis says the partnership will help it gain insights to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Arthur Orduna, Chief Innovation Officer at Avis Budget Group, says: “The Otonomo Platform also allows us to safely and securely engage with new public and commercial partners, and together, make an impact on what the future of mobility looks like for consumers, communities and companies alike.”Ben Volkow, Chief Executive Office and Founder of Otonomo, adds: “The global scale of Avis Budget Group, along with its fleet management expertise, offers many new possibilities to realize value from connected car data from fleet-wide predictive maintenance and streamline rental car returns, to smart city and beyond.”Avis says, with the help of Otonomo, it can explore additional “data for good” opportunities that can make smart cities smarter, roads safer, traffic flow and parking more efficient, and driving more enjoyable.

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