Geschäftsmodell: Bentley’s Pläne zur Nutzung von Fahrzeugdaten

Sehr interessante Einsichten in die Pläne von Bentley zur Nutzung der Fahrzeugdaten.

The opportunity to monetize connected cars has become too big to ignore at carmaker Bentley. The business is experimenting with developing different ecosystems for its connected cars.

The data generated by those vehicles is a potential goldmine. So much so that figuring out how to “ethically” monetize that data is the source of ongoing discussions at the company’s headquarters in Crewe, England, said its director of digital, internet of things and smart mobility, Hamid Qureshi. Streaming, 5G, geo-location and e-commerce in-car opportunities are all being considered by the business, which wants to be anything but a bit player.

“The idea of turning our cars into media platforms is something we talk about internally, but it’s very early days,” said Qureshi. “Once more data points emerge around the car and the ways of interpreting them all are easier, particularly in the context of autonomous driving, then the connected car could become a media entity.”

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