Geschäftsmodell: Cadillac schafft den Verkäufer im Autohaus ab


Cadillac schafft mit seinem neuen digitalen Verkaufsprozess den Verkäufer im Autohaus ab.

The “short” I saw was called Cadillac Live and it essentially showed salesmen moving around what looked to be one of the most modern and sophisticated — I think the almost whitewashed motif is currently being called “Coastal” — showrooms ever imagined.

Only, it wasn’t showroom. It was a studio filled with eight salesmen — for those #metoo-ers thinking I am using the wrong noun, I can only recall seeing those of the XY chromosome prancing about — pointing out the many attributes of the most popular models (Caddy’s XT4, XT5, Escalade, CT6 and CTS-V were all presented), all unscripted.

“Nothing new there,” you’re thinking. “Sales videos are a dime a dozen.” And you’d be absolutely right, only this wasn’t a video. It was live. As in, you can now — as of March 21st — log into, point your mouse at the “Live” button and be connected to an “Agent” (nee salesperson), who will give you exactly the same walk-around, answer the same questions and point out the same features as they might were you actually in a Cadillac dealership. Indeed, thanks to the wonders of technology — an iPhone X mounted on a DJI Osmo gimbal — you’d swear you’re right on the showroom floor yourself. Indeed, when Farid, our personal salesperson/actor showed us that the XT4 has plenty of rear-seat foot room by pointing Apple’s finest down at his feet, it’s as if our own size 10 trendy white tennies were swimming in the Caddy’s rear footwell.

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