Geschäftsmodell: Darum kaufen Kunden Elektroautos!


Warum kaufen die Kunden Elektroautos? Schauen wir uns an! Sehr interessante Einsichten.

When we asked thousands of electric vehicle (EV) owners in Europe the top reasons why they got their cars, we got similar responses as in previous years. The largest portion of buyers in every country referenced the environmental benefits.

Aside from that one, German EV drivers were drawn to the smooth and quiet drive. French EV drivers were very drawn to the fun & convenience of EV life (as well as the smooth & quiet drive) and were self-identified tech lovers.

Norwegians highlighted low maintenance and the fact that they loved new tech the most, followed very closely by the fun & convenience and financials savings of EVs.

The #1 reason aside from the environmental benefit for Dutch respondents was that they loved new tech, followed closely by the smooth & quiet drive and the fun & convenience of EV life.

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