Geschäftsmodell: Das denken Verbraucher über Telematik-Versicherungen


Was denken europäische Verbraucher über Versicherungsangebote basierend auf Fahrzeugdaten und ihrem Fahrverhalten? Schauen wir uns an. Interessant!

We weren’t too surprised to see that Italian consumers expressed significantly more interest in insurance based on driving data compared to Germans. In addition to having a telematics requirement encoded into law, the Italian insurance market has offered insurance contracts based on telematics for some time. Telematics penetration in Italy now stands at about 22%, according to the IoT Insurance Observatory.
In addition to Italians, consumers in the UK expressed relatively strong interest for discounted insurance based on driving data. These consumers were more interested in many other connected car services included in the survey. Finally, it’s worth noting that there is a sizable European population that is not interested in discounted insurance offerings, particularly in France and Germany.

UBI Offers a Compelling Value Proposition to Younger Drivers
Looking at interest in these new insurance products by age group, consumers in the 18-24 age group were more interested in discounted insurance than those in the 25-54 age group. Of course, these are the consumers who tend to pay the highest insurance premiums and have the least disposable income.

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