Geschäftsmodell: Das sind die Versicherungspläne von Tesla


Interessanter Beitrag über die Versicherungspläne von Tesla und den größten Vorteil von Elon Musk, um traditionelle Versicherer abzuhängen: Fahrzeugdaten!

It’s now nearly two years since Tesla boss Elon Musk announced his company would start offering insurance to its customers at a 20 or even 30 per cent discount to regular insurance. Now, some in the insurance industry are saying this is the start of a trend of car makers becoming insurers.
The result, they say, could be devastating for traditional insurers, who simply have nothing like the level of data about their customers that Tesla and other car makers do. It’s the same disadvantage brick-and-mortar retailers have against the likes of Amazon: an often fatal lack of customer information.
Traditionally insurance has been a very blunt instrument. Yes, you can broadly identify high risk groups – young men, if we’re talking about car insurance, or smokers if we’re talking about life insurance – but it’s very difficult to tailor premiums to the precise risk of each individual. Inevitably low-risk customers end up subsidising high-risk customers.

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