Geschäftsmodell: Das wollen junge Autokäufer!

Was ist jüngeren Kunden beim Autokauf wichtig? User Experience und Features!

A new report from the In-Vehicle UX (IVX) team at Strategy Analytics, has investigated consumer priorities when purchasing a new vehicle. Upfront price was ranked the most important factor in both the US and Western Europe, while Chinese respondents considered ride and handling most important. Safety and infotainment features rose in importance, as did autonomous features, particularly among younger age groups.

Key report findings include:
Upfront price, fuel efficiency, ride/handling, and workmanship/visual appeal are all included in the top five most important factors by respondents in the US, Western Europe and China.

The importance of upfront price and fuel efficiency fell across all regions while the importance of automated driving features increased across all regions.

Younger consumers and premium vehicle owners rated each factor much more evenly than other groups, placing the top factors on more equal footing with other vehicle features such as infotainment and HMI.

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