Geschäftsmodell: Die Geheimnisse der Datenmonetarisierung


Sehr spannender und absolut lesenswerter Beitrag zum Thema Datenmonetarisierung. Must read!

Increasing the value of data. Not all data is valuable or saleable in its raw form — it typically requires harmonization with other sources (for example, market share, meteorological or satellite imagery, or commodity markets) to yield valuable insights. Most companies that enter the data monetization business identify partners who can enhance internally farmed data. Sizing the market. It is important to not only understand the full array of potential customers (both internal and external), but also all the ways in which they might use and benefit from a company’s data. These use cases include a wide range of possibilities, such as leveraging data from one business unit for use by another part of the company to optimize a broader system or helping an external client with the ability to make better decisions by tapping into data-based solutions packaged by the company. Maximizing value potential. How much is a company’s data worth? The answer depends on such factors as market demand, the data’s shelf life, competitive offerings, and how potential customers will use that data. To reach maximum value potential, companies need to identify trends and insights from the data that are not easily replicated or available from competitors. Automating the process of generating insights using advanced data analytics (business intelligence) will enhance value

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