Geschäftsmodell: Diese 5 Automobilhersteller investieren am meisten in Startups

Schöne Übersicht hier welche Automobilhersteller am meisten bisher in Startups investiert haben. Überrascht?

Among the dozens of corporates vying for dominance in autonomous driving, perhaps none have more at stake than the traditional auto manufacturers themselves.

For more than a century, automakers have stood at the top of the heap within a sprawling ecosystem of suppliers and service providers. However, their position as the drivers of the auto ecosystem is now under threat from technology-driven trends in autonomous driving, electrification, and changing ownership models (such as car-sharing, ride-hailing, and new retail strategies).

Given the specter looming over the traditional auto model of building, selling, and operating vehicles, major auto OEMs have become increasingly active in private markets, making significant investments in tech startups.

Using CB Insights data, we identified the 5 most active automakers making investments and acquisitions since 2014, analyzing their deals and how those investments fit into each players’ broader strategy.

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