Geschäftsmodell: Drive On Demand als Abo-Modell für Händler

Spireon bietet ein Abo-Modell für Händler an, bei dem Kunden mit "Drive on Demand" den bestehenden Fuhrpark des Händlers buchen und abonnieren können. Super spannendes Geschäftsmodell!

Jason Penkethman, Chief Product Officer at Spireon, said: “The Drive On Demand concept introduces a compelling new consumer experience that can also create new revenue streams for dealers; attracting a wider customer base, which is critically important as consumer expectations and preferences evolve.”

With Drive On Demand, new car dealerships could leverage their vehicle assets to offer a monthly subscription, allowing consumers to drive any car made available to them from a dealership’s inventory. Additionally, the service would allow consumers to drive the vehicle for much longer than a typical test drive and experience different models and trim levels before committing to a specific vehicle.

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