Geschäftsmodell: Fahrzeugdaten bald wertvoller als das Auto

Unser heutiger Artikel beschäftigt sich mal wieder mit dem Wert von Daten und warum die Fahrzeugdaten bald wertvoller sein könnten als das Auto selbst. Spannend!

A self-driving car can generate 1 gigabyte of data per second, according to Tom Coughlin, the founder of Coughlin Associates, which does data storage consulting. At that rate, about 30 seconds of driving would fill up the memory on a typical iPhone.

More data means more potential money. All sorts of creative business opportunities will arise.

„By collecting data from vehicles, you effectively digitize the public space, unlocking potential safety, security, municipal and commercial benefits,“ Eran Shir, CEO of Nexar, a vehicle communication company, told CNNTech.

Some uses are already emerging, according to Ben Volkow, the CEO of otonomo, an Israeli startup that sells vehicle data. The information is of interest to parking apps, for example. A car driving down a street can identify open parking spaces thanks to its cameras and sensors. Knowing the location of the nearest open parking spot is valuable for anyone parking in a crowded city.

Volkow forecasts that by 2020, automakers will be able to make more money selling vehicle data than the cars themselves.

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