Geschäftsmodell: holoride geht auf die Blockchain und will NFTs anbieten


holoride plant anscheinend seine Dienste per Blockchain abzuwickeln, mit Hilfe des Elrond Netzwerkes. NFTs sowie ein eigener Token sind auch in der Planung. Sehr spannend!

Transparency and economic incentives built via the RIDE token and NFTs on the Elrond blockchain will offer a layer of trust that will deeply align interests for users, content creators, and car manufacturers for the first time, and will significantly enhance user experiences.
RIDE is the utility token of the holoride platform that sits at the heart of its ecosystem. RIDE is designed to contribute incentives for using holoride through its dynamics of providing additional benefits and enhanced user engagement.
“The RIDE token will be essential for building a vibrant and sustainable economy for the holoride ecosystem, connecting car manufacturers, content creators, brands, and passengers, and enabling them to capture value along the way.”

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