Geschäftsmodell: Interessante Studie zum Autohaus der Zukunft

Wie sieht das Autohaus der Zukunft aus? Die Antwort liefert eine interessante Studie von Accenture.

If OEMs and dealers don’t start working more closely together, they risk being replaced by digital disruptors—and even becoming obsolescent. If, however, they can enable a more collaborative relationship they will secure a pivotal place in the auto retail landscape of the Future

Here´s how.

  • Engage Everywhere, anyhow: Drive customer engagements through a single voice, using living marketing and new retail formats—besides traditional ones.
  • Invisible enablers to enhance physical experience: Create physical and sensory experiences, “invisibly” enabled by digital.
  • Data-driven Retail: Build a culture of data-driven enterprise, where sharing data is seen as a value, not a risk.

The road ahead

The future of auto retail will be defined by human interactions, both physical and virtual. It will also be driven by data in a strategic, end-to-end process of continuous customer engagement. And it will be enabled by digital technologies, but in a supporting role.

The role of the dealership, by contrast, will be highly visible—and increasingly critical. Indeed, the dealership of the future will be a networked mobility hub that not only embraces such new vehicle technologies as autonomous driving and connected cars, but also profits from the new business models enabled by the “me” economy.

By taking a radically new strategic approach—holistic, integrated and collaborative—OEMs and dealers could reshape the future auto retail landscape to their mutual advantage.

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