Geschäftsmodell: Ist das Softwaregeschäft von Tesla bald wertvoller als das Elektroauto-Business?


Interessante Analyse von Morgan Stanley: das Software-Business von Tesla wird bald schon wertvoller als das Fahrzeugbusiness. Spannend!

Analyst Adam Jonas and team think very few investors explicitly model or value the recurring software revenue Tesla is currently deriving from its installed base of more than 1.5M vehicles today. That base is expected to grow to 30M to 40M vehicles by 2030.
The firm believes that it is possible that the value of Tesla’s recurring software revenue may exceed the value of its hardware business.
„Over time, we anticipate a wide ranging suite of services rolled out to Tesla users and increasing financial disclosure from the company to help transition analysis and stock coverage away from traditional auto analysts (on both the buy-side and sell-side) towards tech/platform analysts. In our opinion, this transition can help drive a further re-rating of the shares over time.“

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