Geschäftsmodell: Mercedes-Benz Consulting optimiert den Retail mit Artificial Intelligence


Wie sieht der stationäre Autohandel in Zukunft aus? Spannende Einsichten von Mercedes-Benz Consulting!

AI startup Modcam, based in Sweden, uses smart sensors to provide detailed data on retail, showroom and office space traffic. These sensors, powered by NVIDIA Jetson Nano modules, perform real-time compute of AI algorithms using this data at the edge. This allows retailers of all sorts to securely extract valuable insights regarding customer buying preferences. Mercedes-Benz Consulting is working with the startup to hit the accelerator on the next generation of the automotive retail experience. Just outside its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, the company has constructed an experimental showroom equipped with Modcam sensors to test different layouts and new in-store technologies. Since cars are an occasional, big-ticket purchase for most people, much of an automaker’s retail success relies on the showroom experience. As car companies invest in autonomous and intelligent driving technologies, they’re also looking to their storefronts to deliver an easy-to-navigate, optimized layout that enhances the shopping experience. With the help of Modcam’s AI algorithms for edge computing, Mercedes-Benz Consulting has gained valuable insight into consumer behavior in both the show floor and service areas.

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