Geschäftsmodell: Pop-Up Werbung auf die Frontscheibe?

Ein israelisches Startup plant nun die Fahrzeugdaten von autonomen Fahrzeugen zu versilbern und dem Fahrer Pop-Up-Werbung auf der Frontscheibe einzublenden. Was denkt Ihr über dieses Geschäftsmodell? Schaut Euch auch das Video an.

Otonomo has developed technology to make it easier to distribute and use connected-car data by securing, anonymizing, standardizing, and aggregating information within a labyrinth of regional regulations. Insurers were one of the earliest buyers of data on Otonomo’s marketplace. They already offer lower premiums to drivers willing to install data-reading hardware or download data-tracking apps. Such services let them offer incentives to drivers who don’t drive too fast, or save on towing fees by detecting mechanical issues early.

Otonomo said it’s conducting trials with two ride-hailing companies that want to use data to do things such as matching riders with cars that have sufficient gas for the trip. Utility companies are monitoring batteries in electric vehicles to manage congestion at charging stations, while hedge funds say they will pay for data that can help understand trends in retail and housing markets.

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