Geschäftsmodell: Schritte zur Datenmonetarisierung


Interessanter Artikel über die Monetarisierung von Fahrzeugdaten.

Connected cars are slow but steady in winning a significant share of the automotive market. Through a multitude of sensors and other connected IoT devices, cars generate volumes of data on how they are used, who is using them, where they are and what surrounds them. With an increasing interest in shared mobility and advanced vehicle autonomy, the amount of data connected cars produce will grow exponentially. The question is, who can use this car-generated data and how? Also, should automotive market players even bother looking into vehicle data monetization? Together with automotive experts from Intellias, we will explore the answers to each question.
In this article, you’ll discover:

  • The market predictions and trends for collected data monetization
  • What challenges OEMs experience when creating business models for data monetization
  • How automakers are approaching the opportunity to monetize personal and car data
  • The role of IT vendors in overcoming the challenges of personal data monetization

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