Geschäftsmodell: So nutzen Kunden Chatbots wirklich

Wie nutzen Kunden eigentlich Chatbots? Schauen wir uns an.

Research by SUMO Heavy has found that just 11% of people have tried making a purchase through a chatbot, with just 5% saying they would do so again. A quarter of people said they were not open to trying it and 43% said they were unfamiliar with the concept altogether.

When reading this data, it’s important to distinguish the different platforms that chatbots can be provided through. Chat services available directly on a company’s website are likely going to be trusted more than those on company social media profiles, such as Facebook Messenger. The main concerns for customers using social media to make a purchase were security (71% stated it was a problem), privacy (67%), and concerns about legitimacy (64%).

Even with this apprehension towards conducting transactions through them, adults are acclimating to chatbots and 8 in 10 consumers think they will benefit from them, thanks to being able to access information faster.

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