Geschäftsmodell: Tesla bringt Abomodell für „Full Self-Driving“


Tesla bereitet ein Abomodell für sein „Full Self-Driving“-Paket vor. Spannend!

Tesla is preparing to launch a new Full Self-Driving monthly subscription based on an update to its mobile app and it is putting a deadline on the newly reintroduced Enhanced Autopilot package.

Earlier this year, we reported on indications that Tesla is working on a pay-as-you-go subscription for its Full Self-Driving (FSD) package.
Later, CEO Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla planned to release such an option “toward the end of the year”.
With the FSD package’s price back into focus as Tesla reintroduced its Enhanced Autopilot package yesterday, we see evidence that the subscription launch might be imminent.

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