Geschäftsmodell: Tesla ermöglicht In-Car-Commerce und Abos


Tesla schaltet mit seinem neuen Update anscheinend In-Car-Käufe und Abos frei. Spannend!

For now, it appears that only the Premium Connectivity Subscription is available through the in-car purchase system despite other upgrades, like Full Self-Driving package, being available through the app if you haven’t already bought them.

An internet connection comes standard in all Tesla vehicles, but in 2018, Tesla introduced a new Premium Connectivity subscription for $10 per month to get access to the more data-heavy features.

As we recently reported, Tesla has been trying to get more people to pay for the package by reducing the free trial period of Premium Connectivity that comes with new cars.

Interestingly, it’s actually not the first time that Tesla introduced in-car purchases.

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