Geschäftsmodell: Tesla startet neuen Geschäftsbereich


Tesla startet einen neuen Geschäftsbereich: Ladelösungen für Wohnungen.

That quote from the Tesla page — “With a growing number of Tesla cars on the road, a Wall Connector can pay for itself over time. Property managers will soon be able to set the price of charging sessions while Tesla handles payments automatically and securely – with no monthly fees.” — is under a new subheading titled “Automatic Payments.”

This is all on a new page titled “Commercial Charging,” which highlights a few key matters a business aiming to make some money on a Tesla charging station would want to see.

The second section of the page focuses on apartments. As someone who has talked to property managers at several apartment complexes about the matter of charging, as well as parking garage managers in residential areas, home charging for people living in such places is one of the last major practical hurdles to wider EV adoption. It appears that Tesla is well aware of this (of course) and rolling out a simple yet probably highly effective solution.

“Enable residents to wake up to a full charge everyday by providing convenient and reliable charging. Property managers will soon be able to seamlessly collect payment for energy consumed,” Tesla writes.

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