Geschäftsmodell: Übersicht über die neuesten Entwicklungen in den Mega-Trends Autonomes Fahren und Shared Mobility

Wer sich jetzt nicht positioniert und das eigene Geschäftsmodell überprüft, wird schnell wichtige Marktanteile verlieren. Warum zeigt der heutige Artikel!

In the 12 months since the first edition ADR#1 was published, customer interest in new mobility services has jumped: the number of US city center dwellers who would switch from car ownership to autonomous driving services such as robocabs if they cost less rose by a tenth to 40%, for example, while the same figure for young Chinese leapt by more than half to 25%. Across all countries and age groups, the figure remained steady at 45%.

In addition, the proportion of interviewed Germans stating that they use car sharing, ride hailing or taxi services nearly doubled to 3.7%, leapt by more than a third to 6.1% in the US, and rose by a seventh in China to 18.3%.

In a new question, a global majority – 55% – said they would be happy to use robocabs. Only four countries (USA, UK, Netherlands and Japan) have a majority against. The most important condition for using a robocab is the proven safety of the used technologies (55%). The main reason for not using them was the pleasure of driving (35%). On average, men would be more willing to use robocabs than women, by 58% to 52%.

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