Geschäftsmodell: Was die Digitalisierung der Hersteller für Autohäuser bedeutet

Interessanter Artikel über die Herausforderungen von Autohäusern in der Digitalisierung der Geschäftsmodelle der Hersteller.

Capgemini, a French consultancy firm, has been monitoring the automotive industry and has reached the not unfashionable view that its future lies in mobility and services. 
However, its report on consumer attitudes to car purchasing, Cars Online 2017: Beyond the Car does not foresee the death of car ownership in itself but sees mobility as an opportunity for both OEMs and dealers. But it warns dealers may well be squeezed out of the purchase process, if not yet from the middle ownership phase.

“If dealers are becoming somewhat marginalized during the interest phase of the customer lifecycle, they are front-and-center again during the ownership phase. Among survey respondents overall, 64% say their number one choice for service is the brand dealer, up from 58% who said the same in 2015. Another finding of note: car owners have little enthusiasm for specialized service shops; for example, only 7% of German respondents picked this choice (down from 29% in 2015).” the reports states. As cars become electrified,and complex through connectivity and multiple sensors onboard, franchised dealers may well find themselves in demand for the kind of “servicing” that such cars will need. The back street garage will be unable to compete in this new after-care environment.

Capgemini predicts that OEMs will view vehicle sales as only the beginning, with the customer experience a seamless end-to-end journey, rather than a set of disconnected touch points. It must be simple and intuitive, proactively anticipating customers’ needs. Customers who have become accustomed to 24/7 access in other channels will expect it in automotive too, according to the report.
“We don’t believe that dealers will die but they must become embedded into the OEM.” says Rainer Mehl, managing director of manufacturing, automotive, and life sciences at Capgemini. 

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