Geschäftsmodell: Was wollen Kunden im After Sales?


Sehr interessante Studienergebnisse zu Kundenwünschen im After Sales. Anschauen!

Vehicle owners are primarily driven by factors that alleviate the burden of vehicle ownership – such as great customer service (selected by 49 percent), location convenience (45 percent), and ease of making an appointment (41 percent).

Above all else, the results revealed vehicle owners expect a proactive, effortless, and high-quality experience from their aftermarket services providers – which includes dealers and independent repair shops.

Owners also expressed interest in receiving proactive messages on how to get more value out of their vehicle. Sixty-nine percent of owners are interested in having manufacturers and dealers reach out to share information with them.

The top areas of interest for proactive communication include:
Software updates and new features available.
How to arrange vehicle maintenance appointments.
How to connect your vehicle to devices and use these features.
How to use “infotainment” features.

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