Geschäftsmodell: Wert der Fahrzeugdaten bei $33 Milliarden in 2025

Der Wert der Fahrzeugdaten wird 33 Milliarden Dollar in 2025 betragen. Zeit sich Gedanken über die Analyse und Nutzung dieser Gedanken zu machen! Denn auch jetzt beträgt der Wert bereits ca. 100 Dollar pro Fahrzeug.

Frost & Sullivan’s analysis, Automotive Data Monetization Pricing and Business Models, highlights the potential to monetize $100 per car currently and delves into how data monetization across the automotive ecosystem starts with an overarching digital strategy. For instance, to build a recurring service revenue stream or prescribe measurable objectives, digital innovation is mandatory. However, the automotive industry has to master software capabilities and introduce new monetization models to remain profitable. The total number of connected vehicles, activation rate, and consent rate are some of the key factors that help determine the automotive data monetization market across various data types.

The total revenue opportunity for an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the automotive data monetization market is expected to remain on a very strong growth trajectory over the next seven years, growing from $2 Billion in 2017 to $33 Billion in 2025.

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