Geschäftsmodell: Wie man Daten richtig monetarisiert

Wie monetarisiert man Daten eigentlich richtig? Spannender Artikel dazu.

The Starting Point: Data Privacy
In considering the best way to ensure individuals can monetize their own data correctly, it’s wise to first consider how it’s currently stored, and who it’s controlled by. As mentioned, blockchain and decentralized technologies will play a crucial role in the new infrastructure, with decentralized data storage bringing vastly increased levels of security and privacy to the new data economy.
The original, single system database model that the internet was built on has several sources of failure and a concerning lack of privacy. The current, centralised, cloud model mitigates the points of failure, to an extent, but still provides no privacy, as a string of high profile data breaches has shown.
Decentralised database storage not only eliminates points of failure, it also provides the highest levels of privacy and can scale efficiently. For personal data storage, that means a public/private key infrastructure that gives individuals full control over the lifecycle of their data, including where it is being used, for how long, any updates to it and its removal from any applications using it.
Such a change in the way personal data is stored and controlled could transform the possibilities of how it is utilised in innovative business models within the new data economy.
Data Syndication for Financial Reward
From this foundation of personal data privacy, individuals will be empowered to share their data and receive financial compensation in return. Not only that, such an infrastructure would encourage new models for publishing platforms to be built that remunerate individuals for the part they play.
This system of data syndication and financial reward will be enabled by the token economics that goes hand in hand with decentralised networks. The exchange of digital tokens would not only ensure that individuals do not have to expose their personal data in exchange for services, but also that they could choose to only share specific subsets with specific groups.
To truly understand how to monetize data in the right way, it’s first essential to establish new ways for individuals to control it. Through decentralised database storage, they can take back that control and a new data economy based on responsible curation, storage and dissemination of data between individuals, companies and governments can be bootstrapped.

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