Geschäftsmodell: Wird das Auto zum vierten Bildschirm dank autonomem Fahren?

Wenn niemand mehr selbst fahren muss, ergeben sich völlig neue Möglichkeiten der Interaktion mit dem Fahrer und den anderen Insassen. Wird das Auto nach Smartphone, Fernseher und Tablet zum vierten Bildschirm? Marketingexperten bereiten sich jedenfalls vor.

Advertising on the fourth screen has incredible potential. While research is still limited, Forrester found that up to 71 percent of surveyed consumers prefer content and advertisements that are personalized and relevant. With ample location and destination data, along with some predictive AI, why not play a pre-roll ad on Hulu for a restaurant three miles away? Or serve up a recipe video and coupons for ingredients on the way to the grocery store? How about some hotel deals as the driver heads toward a city center late at night?

Autonomous vehicles could also present a massive opportunity for brick and mortar retailers struggling in the fight against online retailers. There could be a high convenience factor in receiving a great local deal, buying with one click, and getting a ride to your purchase, which is conveniently dropped into your trunk by the retailer’s concierge service.

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