Geschäftsmodelle: Anwendungsfälle für Big Data in der Automobilindustrie

Spannender Artikel hier über mögliche Anwendungsfälle von Big Data in der Automobilindustrie. Sollte man gelesen haben!

Automobile industry faces new challenges in the market today. Improvements in technology, new entrants, shift to mobility as a service and change in customer preferences for more connected capabilities are some of the major challenges that the auto industry faces. To remain competitive, it becomes important for the auto industry to leverage the power of Big Data & Analytics.

The data collected from automobiles can be simple sensor based techniques to record and monitor performance, maintenance and behavior of critical automobile systems, or more sophisticated GPS and satellite based techniques such as tracking vehicle position and recording external conditions.

Data collection techniques for automobiles gained maturity over the years by using current technology offerings like mobile devices, wearables, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Cloud and Social Media. The major focus of these collection techniques was to improve customer experience and achieve better vehicle health.

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