Mobilität: Was Automobilhersteller jetzt angehen müssen!

Äußerst spannender Artikel über die notwendigen Maßnahmen der Automobilhersteller für die Zukunft der Mobilität und zur Verhinderung eines Schicksals à la Nokia.

One of the main obstacles for industries adapting to change is often their own legacies. Why change what has worked so well in the past? The answer is that technological transitions always cause tectonic shifts in the context in which an industry finds itself. The automaker business is no different – how will it survive the coming earthquake?

Some companies have been able to survive the technology transitions, with others even having emerged stronger as the industry was consolidated. However many players that were thriving in the past are gone today, and every one of these technology transitions sees new players emerge – players who were able to embrace the new technology without having to conserve legacy architectures, maintain current systems or protect existing business models.

Remember when the iPhone came to the market with its iOS operating system? iOS was built from the ground up for a new paradigm of touch interfaces and purpose-built apps. And it was architected to eventually empower a huge ecosystem of app developers. After being in denial for a while, Microsoft rewrote their mobile platform twice after trying to innovate on their existing platform. They even ended up buying Nokia. Today they are irrelevant in smartphone operating systems and the Nokia acquisition is written off. Market leaders like Blackberry, Nokia, and Motorola were wiped off the market and no longer play a role. Today the iPhone business alone is bigger than all of Microsoft.

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