Renault Symbioz EV: Autonomes Fahren mit Virtual Reality Headset

Hier mal eine interessante Idee von Renault: Virtual Reality beim autonomen Fahren im Renault Symbioz EV.

A minute ago I was on a real road, but now I'm rolling down a fake forested highway in a simulation created by Ubisoft. Meanwhile, Renault's Level 4 autonomous system has taken the piloting chores (with a professional, joystick-equipped driver backing it up in the passenger seat).

It's a bizarre experience, but I don't feel sick, because the Symbioz is transmitting real road motion to the headset. That data is then subtly adjusting the virtual image to be in sync with the real-life car movements. I even see simulated versions of the cars and trucks on the road fed in by LiDAR and other sensors. After a few minutes, the headset shows a dramatic eclipse, and the faux Symbioz leaves the road and soars over a canopy of trees.

All of this is part of the "mind off" driving experience that Renault is exploring with the Symbioz. With fully autonomous vehicles just around the corner, the company is trying to imagine how we can spend our free time once we surrender the wheel to robots. VR may not be your personal entertainment choice, but it exhibits that idea in a vivid way.

"This demo really shows you that when your mind is off, it's really off," Redzik told me. "If we give people back time, I don't think we should be judging what they are going to use this time for, whether it's gaming, VR or office work."


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