Shared Mobility: Audi und IOTA untersuchen gemeinsam Mobilitätsanwendungen

Audi und IOTA untersuchen gemeinsam die Nutzung von Tangle für Mobilitätsanwendungen.

In its efforts to build a permissionless mobility ecosystem, the IOTA Foundation just started a one week Google Design Sprint with Audi Denkwerkstatt — which is Audi’s Think Tank — in Berlin to explore Tangle-based use cases, build a low level prototype and to gather customer feedback. The Audi Denkwerkstatt team consists of seven Audi employees who support 15 colleagues from all business areas, levels and age groups in generating, validating and implementing ideas about premium mobility within six months. The aim is to establish business models independently or in cooperation with others.This new way of working is exemplary for how car manufacturers approach innovation and is a great opportunity for IOTA to be maybe integrated into a new mobility solution with expertise from Audi.Team-up in Berlin to initiate the ideation processIOTA´s open source protocol is predestined to be an innovation accelerator for any kind of business ideas that that rely on trust in data, scalable & safe machine to machine communication & transaction settlement.

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