Shared Mobility: Die 7 Typen der Millennials und ihre Wünsche

Interessante Einblicke hier in die sieben unterschiedlichen Typen von Millennials und ihre Anforderungen an Shared Mobility.

Greenovators: Sparking green innovation and taking up the majority, these mobility consumers will be primarily interested in smart, green and sustainable mobility options. They will demand the integration of ecological mobility concepts oriented toward their own personal well-being and the good of society.

Family Cruisers: There will be an increase in the fragmentation of family and friends network, resulting in an increased demand of customized mobility options for these consumers.

High-Frequency Commuters: They will be extremely mobile job nomads, who are on their way to work, to meet customers/ business partners and for short-term projects. They will be able to organize themselves in carpools at short notice and would prefer ride-sharing and short-term car rental options.

Silver Drivers: These comprise of a new generation of older people that will predominantly choose vehicles that will meet their comfort requirements. They have a wide variety of mobility interests and are extremely active in their leisure life.

Global Jet Setters: This group is always en-route between the major cities of the world. They demand mobility options that offer them the feeling of comfort and productivity.

Sensation Seekers: These mobility consumers will view cars as the ultimate objects of experience and will be ready to pay for it. They will link driving to attributes like freedom, fun and pleasure and demand a multimedia networking experience with maximum safety.

Low-End Users: A significant segment of mobility consumers will no longer be able to afford individual mobility to the extent they do now due to rising fuel prices and government regulations. They will drive the demand for efficient and inexpensive mobility solutions.

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