Shared Mobility: Einfluss auf die Kunden- und Fahrzeugbeziehung

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Interessanter Artikel wie Shared Mobility die Kunden- und Fahrzeugbeziehung verändern wird.

Vehicle manufacturers and suppliers are leveraging massive amounts of data generated by autonomous vehicles to create new products and services while improving existing ones. This allows for predictive maintenance of vehicles and early recall detection, while enabling the continuous enhancement of autonomous vehicles through over-the-air software updates. New on-board marketplaces are being developed that will host a variety of third party applications and enable digital billing and payment options. Consumers will be provided with a multitude of entertainment and utility options where they can make a reservation, order food or simply be productive on the go.
OEMs and suppliers will continue striving to make the in-vehicle experience safer and more reliable for consumers. Considering the shift of the automotive industry from vehicle ownership to mobility-as-a-service, they are also exploring fleets and fleet management systems. In the mobility services world, consumers do not have to worry about vehicle maintenance and repair themselves. There will be a multitude of aftersales services provided by OEMs and suppliers to the mobility service provider such as fleet management, configuration, monitoring, diagnostics and software update services. Such services may not be end-consumer facing and only contribute indirectly to the consumer’s perception of quality and reliability.

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