Shared Mobility: Ist Carsharing eigentlich profitabel?

Wer sich schon immer für den Business Case von Carsharing interessiert hat, wird heute auf seine Kosten kommen. Interessant! Klickt auf "weiterlesen" unten für den kompletten Case.

Cars are sold at their full value but only used 5% of the time. Therefore, there are only two logical outcomes.

1. Car manufacturers offer the on-demand service, i.e. to pay only for 5% – only as much as you use. If you notice, this is already happening (all TOP10 brands have already invested in sharing or rental platforms).

2. Car owners come together to sharing platforms and groups (collective collaboration) and monetize surplus resources. This is already happening (Getaround, Drivy, Turo).

The second direction is the introduction and development of new technologies. This is cost reduction.

1. Electric cars and infrastructure (10 times cheaper than petrol).

2. Self-driving or autonomous cars (robocars) (2 times cheaper because there is no need for a driver).

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