Shared Mobility: Mobility as a Service ist die Zukunft der städtischen Mobilität laut einer Studie


Laut einer sehr spannenden Studie von McKinsey ist Mobility as a Service die Zukunft für die städtische Mobilität in den USA.

“Four essential innovations are rapidly redefining modern mobility: autonomous vehicles (AVs); connected cars; electric vehicles (EVs); and shared-mobility services. These technologies will likely converge – think autonomous, electric-powered robo-taxis – and contribute to a new era of personal mobility,” observed McKinsey.
This decade has seen a visible trend in the growth of all the mobility possibilities mentioned above. Though revenue of new-age mobility systems – both disruptive business models and technologies – accounted for just 2.6 percent of total mobility revenue in 2017, McKinsey estimates that this will grow to at least 31 percent of total revenue by 2030, even if the autonomous vehicle disruption is limited in scope.
A large part of this growth would be through the use of data-enabled services in vehicles, making them smarter and more responsive to individual drivers – a transition that has parallels with the evolution of cell phones to smartphones over the last decade. McKinsey believes that autonomous robo-taxis will be a disruption to the on-demand cab hailing market, generating close to $1.5-2.0 trillion by 2030.

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