Shared Mobility: SEAT und IBM planen Urban Mobility App basierend auf Watson

SEAT und IBM haben eine gemeinsame Urban Mobility App basierend auf IBM's Watson angekündigt.

Automaker Seat has announced Mobility Advisor at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which uses IBM Watson artificial intelligence (AI) to help urban citizens make informed decisions about their daily transportation options including cars, scooters, bikes and public transport.

“At Seat we are leading the way by working with innovative cities and technology companies to come up with solutions to make mobility easier and more efficient. With its advanced cloud and AI technologies, IBM is helping us to innovate new approaches to mobility that will transform our business strategy while improving the lives of people living in urban areas.”

Currently under development and designed to run as a mobile app on 4G/5G networks, Mobility Advisor uses IBM Watson Assistant to provide users with a conversational interface to plan and optimise routes and suggest the most suitable transportation options.

With IBM Watson machine learning, the app can learn a user’s preferences and make personalised recommendations for how best to complete a journey. Connected to the IBM Cloud, it dynamically adapts to changing conditions by taking into account weather forecasts, traffic reports and things happening in the city that day, according to Seat.

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