Shared Mobility: Wie ein Autohaus zum Carsharing-Anbieter wird

Interessante Case Study aus den USA, wie ein Autohaus zum Anbieter von Carsharing wurde.


While Servco knew a lot about vehicles, it didn’t have expertise in carsharing. In particular, carsharing is a typically a full end-to- end digital experience for members which is very different from the face-to- face interaction that Servco typically has with its customers! Thus, Servco wanted to learn how to provide this experience to its members.


To help navigate the road to carsharing, movmi was asked to join the project. movmi provided the roadmap (project plan) to get to the desired destination, assisting with key aspects such as technology, insurance, operations and marketing strategies. The road was sometimes bumpy, insurance was a challenge because many insurance providers were hesitant to support this type of service. This resulted in either insurance companies quoting significantly higher premiums or not even offering their services at all. With the help of movmi’s guidance, Servco was able to partner with an insurance company that was a good fit for them.


Servco launched its carsharing service, Hui Carshare, in Honolulu in 2018. Thanks to the training sessions and Playbook, the on-site launch support time was reduced from 2 months to 3 weeks. Hui is powered by Toyota Connect and is the first ever Bluetooth (BLE) carsharing service to launch in Hawaii. This means unlocking and locking the vehicle is a hands-free experience – members don’t need an RFID card or PIN, they can just walk up to the vehicle.

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