Shared Mobility: Wie entwickelt sich der Carsharing Markt?

Wie entwickelt sich der Carsharing Markt? Schauen wir es uns an!

The latest carsharing industry analysis provided by UC Berkley’s TSRC show that in October 2016 carsharing was operational on all continents except Antarctica. TSRC estimated that there were carsharing organizations in 2,095 cities wordlwide. Fleet size was globally over 157,000 vehicles and about 15 million members are registered. Asia is by far the largest carsharing region with over 40% of all carsharing vehicles operating there. Europe is the second largest carsharing market with 37% of the global fleet deployed in that region.Station-based/Round-trip carsharing (like Zipcar, Communauto or Maven) still account for the majority of all fleets while free-floating (such as car2go, Gig or DriveNow) is a growing segment. Estimates on the split between station-based and free-floating vary slightly depending on which research we have looked at, but generally station-based hovers between 74 – 83% and free-floating between 17 – 26%. In Oceania, however, the relation is reversed: almost 80% of vehicles there were part of a free-floating fleet.An important point to note is that free-floating has seen tremendous growth on the membership as well as fleet side over the past few years. Overall membership for free-floating has increased by 76% (!) which we at movmi attribute to the low barrier of entry. Free-floating providers in general do not charge recurring membership fees but are setup as pay-as-you-go models. Peer-to-peer fleets and membership has also experienced tremendous growth in the past years. Susan Shaheen’s team has found that between January 2016 and January 2017 the fleet has increased by 80% and membership has more than doubled.Current forecasts by various different consulting agencies (GMI, Frost & Sullivan, Report Buyer or McKinsey) all predict market growth for 2025: fleet size will increase almost 4x and be at around 427,000. Membership overall will increase 5x and about 36 million people will be subscribed to one or multiple carsharing services.

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