Shared Mobility: Wie Technologie und soziale Trends ein neues Ökosystem schaffen

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Super spannendes Thema heute über Technologie, soziale Trends und wie diese neue Ökosysteme schaffen. Schaut es Euch an!

Will technological advances and shifts in social attitudes lead to our no longer owning or driving vehicles? The global auto industry's transformation has far-reaching implications for how we move from point A to point B and, in turn, affects carmakers, energy companies, insurers, health care, government funding, and more. Value shifts as a new ecosystem of mobility emerges.

Innovative technologies are changing how companies develop and build vehicles. Electric and fuel-cell powertrains tend to offer greater propulsion for lower energy investment at lower emission levels.1 New, lightweight materials enable automakers to reduce vehicle weight without sacrificing passenger safety.2

Further breakthroughs are advancing the introduction of autonomous vehicles; increasingly, daily news reports suggest that driverless cars will soon become a commercial reality.3 We have already seen rapid advances in the “connected car”—innovations that integrate communications technologies and the Internet of Things to provide valuable services to drivers.4 Vehicles outfitted with electronic control modules and sensors that enable vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications can proactively suggest re-routings to avoid road hazards and call for assistance in the event of an accident.5 Soon, cars will routinely gain precise-enough awareness of where they are in relation to other vehicles and potential hazards to take preemptive action to avoid accidents.6

Simultaneously, young adults, along with urbanites, are gravitating toward a model of personal mobility consumption based on pay-per-use rather than upfront purchase of a capital asset, which fundamentally challenges today’s consumption model centered on personal ownership of cars.7

All told, a system that has been well established for a century is on the verge of a major transformation that could result in the emergence of a new ecosystem8 of personal mobility.

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